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Created by former traditional Philadelphia journalist (newspapers, terrestrial radio, and television), and Penn State University alumna, Kenyetta ‘Native’ McKinney, M.A., she has been conceptualizing innovative projects since 2000. The Chicago native is also the founder of Grind Mode Magazine (It was one of the few women-owned 'Hip-Hop' magazines during its time), Grind Mode Radio, and Grind Mode Connect. “I believe in changing with the times. Often people say that a lot of the things I created were before their time (speaking about her Grind Mode movement in the early-mid 2000s, which consisted of a celebrity page-turn magazine, a blog, and an online radio station before people were into the idea). People used to tell me that an online page-turning magazine was not going to work, so why not take it to print. I had to continually hold my position by letting them know that print would die out eventually, and online is where it is going to be (same with radio). And, well, that is what has happened now,” McKinney stated.

“This project is near and dear to us. We believe in regrouping and not being stuck with a project that has not evolved or does not seem to be moving in the right direction. I feel different about what we are doing here because I was diagnosed with clinical depression years ago, so I realize that sometimes people just need to smile. They need to be inspired. I know this firsthand! It is not always about gossip or the depressing news that we hear about every day. We have had people on social media thank us for making them laugh or inspiring them because we did not know how close they were to ‘losing themselves.’ This is personal, so we vow to give it everything we have,” says Kenyetta.

UK writer, DJ, & historian, Tom 'Slim' Clover has played an intricate role in the G.M.M., LLC movement over the years, and is presently the Editor-in-Chief of

What's The 'It's A Mood Network?' is under the G.M.M., LLC umbrella, and is a movement/network that encompasses a website property (mood) for each type of mood you may be in for the day! Their content ranges from funny, inspirational to real-life news; their network is sure to have something for everyone.

Social Media Inspired ...

Inspired by social media and seeing the type of content people gravitate to. Seemingly needing to be inspired or a good laugh, the ‘It’s A Mood Network’ team realized bad news often overpowered good news, so they vowed to make a network for all moods. Their content goes beyond just a social media post.

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Get comfortable, pull out your phone, tablet, or laptop, and be prepared for your spirit to be fed with a dish of whatever mood you are in for the day! Each website has its own unique 'voice' & flavor. #Mood #Itsamood